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Your Guided Journey To Success As A Reseller


What Does Being A Reseller Mean?


Being a Reseller is the art of reselling web hosting space, domain names or email services.

As a Reseller, you can purchase disk space divide it up into individual packages & resell it to your clients for a recurring fee (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

How does it work?

The average small business looking to get a basic WordPress Website will use around 500 MB of disk space and +/- the same amount of bandwidth.

As a Reseller, you have the option to purchase large blocks of disk space & bandwidth at around €38 p/m.

Which means you could sell web space to your customers for €15 a month, allowing you to break even at 3 clients.

Winning Formula

Hosting Package Example: Our Package @ 30GB Disk Space + Unlimited Bandwidth (Monthly) Cost: €38.00/month.

5 Customer Example: 500MB Disk Space [each] + Unlimited Bandwidth [each] + each pay €15.00/month = €75.00 Revenue.

Sum- €75.00/mo [Revenue] – €38.00/mo [Expense] = €37/mo [Profit] 49.3% [ROI]


While 5 clients and €37/month in profit is not worth writing home about… the fact still stands that the ROI is incredible!

Combine that with the other services you can offer and you have a winning solution.

10x or 100x times that, and you will have an extremely profitable recurring income generating business.

How To Get Started


Signing up is easy & quick, we don’t ask for blood samples or the name of your first pet. The added bonus… we don’t require any startup deposits and no hidden costs. We also offer the highest profit margins of all the other domain reseller programs, go on…have a look.

Customise Your Website

You do not need to be an expert or a computer geek to start your own Reseller Web Hosting business with us. We will provide you with a pre-designed Website that you can edit with your logo, prices, contact details and voilà, you can now start marketing your business.

Time to make money

We provide support and educational tools in the form of video’s, blogs and ebook’s to guide and help you grow on this journey. Our support team can be reached through our online ticketing system, live chat & email.

What You Can Offer Your Clients:

Domain Names

Sell new Domain Names or transfer your Domain Names to us. We have over 525 Domain Extensions that you may also offer your clients.

Web Hosting

We have several packages that you may choose from, pick and offer the best-suited Hosting for your clients. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, safe & secure servers all around the world.

Email Services

Professional or Personal packages where you can choose from Google Mail, Linux cPanel and Office 365. We offer: Anti-Spam Protection | Anti-Virus Protection & 99.9% uptime.


Here to help you or your clients – Our Knowledgebase is full of How-To’s, Blogs, Videos and Q & A’s, and if you want, we’re available for support.

“Make A Decision Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”

Because starting your own online business has never been this easy…

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