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We are in Portugal, Africa and New Zealand and happily serving globally. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or fill out our Contact Form, if you’re interested in getting started.  We look forward to learning more about how we
can help you!
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[dt_sc_clear] [dt_sc_clear /][dt_sc_contact icon=”” text=”” detail=”We make use of a ticket system, please email us at the following addresses:” /][dt_sc_contact icon=”fa-phone” text=”Phone” detail=”+351 963 599 585 ” /][dt_sc_email icon=”fa-envelope” text=”General Inquiries” emailid=”” /][dt_sc_email icon=”fa-envelope” text=”Support” emailid=”” /][dt_sc_web icon=”fa-globe” text=”Website” url=”” target=”_blank” /][/dt_sc_one_third][/dt_sc_fullwidth_section]

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[dt_sc_accordion_group class=””] [dt_sc_toggle title=”How can I register domain names for my clients?”]

All reseller accounts come with a free domain name reseller account. Sign-up to access the client area where you can register over 1000+ TLDs for your clients at a discounted rate.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”How much do I pay to become a reseller?”]

Becoming a reseller is absolutely FREE. You sign up for FREE, get a FREE account and set it up for FREE.
You will have to pay only to register a domain name for your reseller website.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”Where are your Servers located?”]

Our servers are located in the UK and Germany. You can click here to conduct a speed test for our data centres.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”Can I have my own private nameservers?”]

Yes, our reseller hosting service is 100% white label. As soon as you sign-up you’ll be able to set up private nameservers for your domain. If you register or transfer your domain to us we can set them up for you. Additionally, our support team is always available to help you get up and going.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”What is required from me to become a successful free reseller?”]

The most important thing is your enthusiasm and some marketing efforts to popularize your web hosting offering. Don’t worry if you do not possess any marketing skills or experience. As a valued reseller of ours, you’ll be given some important tips for making a successful breakthrough on the global web hosting market and for attracting reliable clients.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”Do you back up my client’s data daily?”]

Yes, we backup all accounts once a night. Clients can easily access these backups inside of cPanel with CP-remote.

[/dt_sc_toggle] [dt_sc_toggle title=”Do you provide support to my clients?”]

While it is the responsibility of the Reseller to provide their clients with support, our team is more than happy to help you resolve any issues. Simply submit a ticket with the information and we’ll work our hardest to ensure your clients stay happy.

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