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How It All Started


In The Beginning…

Dynamic Internet Consultants aka Dic.Net started as a one-man show, a husband and a soon to be father.

Dean Theisinger left a successful corporate position, moved to a small town to help raise his son and be the “master” of his own time.

(Little did he know his son had other plans.)

Fast forward 20 years…

Dic.Net has gone international, with branches in Germany, Singapore, Africa, New Zealand & Portugal.

With many loyal and elite clientele all over the world from top-ranked banks, international hotels & airlines.

About You


What We Say

We would love to show you how to do it, teach you all the shortcuts & give you the right tools we know you will need.

We also know that we are not perfect but we strive to improve every day.

We have been working very hard to develop this system and are proud to say that we have had some great results!

We have tested them on part-timers, 78-year-old’s, 24-year-olds, entrepreneurs and even stay at home moms.

If all of them were able to do it, so can you!

What We Offer

Dic.Net delivers from free to low-cost packages, an all-round white label system that meets all the demands required of a successful domain name and web hosting business.

Your advantage: A free WordPress site designed by us that can also be converted into an online shop. All you need to do is tweak it to your liking.

These low investment costs mean that you can channel your funds towards marketing and sales activities, enabling you more profit to use as you wish.